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Charleswood Physiotherapy Charleswood Physiotherapy
Physiotherapists treat a number of different musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory and neurological conditions.
Acupuncture is used by physiotherapists to reduce pain by stimulating endorphins
FMS has been recently adopted by several NFL teams to help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. For more information on FMS please visit the website.
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy
Massage therapy uses a hands-on approach and involves treatment and management of soft tissue injuries and pain.

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Physiotherapists in Charleswood, Winnipeg

We have a sport medicine physician that has opened a practice at our location.

Dr. Kennedy is a sport and medicine exercise physician, and cares for people of all ages including the general public as well as athletes.

Same day appointments available, no referral needed!

Call - (204) 415-6666

Find out more about Dr Kennedy and her sports medicine services here -

Charleswood Physiotherapy Charleswood Physiotherapy is a new physiotherapy clinic that offers physiotherapy and massage therapy services. Our clinic is situated in the new Sterling Lyon Medical Centre, home of The Western Surgery Centre.

We believe in taking the extra time to assess, diagnose and treat with evidence-based practice to ensure our patients have positive results. Education is an important factor in the rehabilitation process and we will take the time to provide as much information as possible. A friendly and professional environment will make your experience at Chalreswood Physiotherapy a memorable one.

Direct billing to most insurance plans available

To find out more or to arrange an appointment with us please call us on 204-505-4352 or send an e-mail to

Functional Movement Screens

A head to toe assessment that helps find dysfunctional movement patterns that may lead to decreased performance or even worse injury. Great for the athlete with recurrent injuries or for the athlete who wants to improve performance.
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